About Us

We Are 3 specializes in positioning each client to maximize their exposure and activation to the correct target audience, through a diverse set of marketing content, production, and channels. Whether you are a corporate client or one of our individuals, We Are 3 provides a thorough analysis, market breakdown, and activation briefing, allowing us to pin point the exact ways We Are 3 will increase brand awareness and engagement.

Our strategy cant' be limited to one discipline when we're inspired by a breadth of stimulus. We empathize with diverse groups and embody an aggregate of signals from different domains. Technology provides new ways to access information, allowing us to evolve in order to create new information to be received.

From the creation and implementation of a new brand to evolving an existing one, We Are 3 develops and executes a uniquely tailored campaign for each client. Providing our clients consultation on all areas of business. From brand awareness and media relations to project financing and negotiations/evaluations.