Combining traditional marketing methods with novel consulting techniques, We Are 3 enhances our clients brand image through a series of engaging campaigns and intimate activations.





In a world with so much noise, it has never been more crucial for a brand to engage with their target demographic. We Are 3's creation and production of grass-roots marketing campaigns effectively engages our client's target audience in a novel and innovative way.


Brand Management

From the creation and implementation of a new brand to evolving an existing one, We Are 3 develops and executes a uniquely tailored campaign for each client. We Are 3 provides our clients consultation on all areas of business. From brand awareness and media relations to project financing and negotiations/evaluations.

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Public Relations

Knowing the right tone, voice, channel, and frequency at which a brand communicates with their respective demographic is imperative to the success of that brand. Our innovative methods stray from the traditional PR methods, allowing our clients to reach a broader audience with an effective message.