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Playing off of themes of loneliness and the many layers of human connection we created a series of live performances that spanned the lines between concert and art installation, bringing both Sunni Colón and his audience into a deeper space of experiencing his music. 

The Manifest performance sought to bring Sunni and his audience together with more vulnerability than a standard live performance. To connect the audience to the show in a deeper way, we designed and developed an interactive ticket personally connected to each audience member. 



The music guided our every decision in designing the performance space. Sunni performed live every night completely hidden from sight inside a sound reactive light chamber in the center of the room. Audiences lounged around the chamber, embedding themselves into the architecture of sound and light. The focus was no longer on the performer, but rather the music, the emotions, and the world that emerges in deep listening. 


Providing A Memory

No phones were allowed inside of the performance but providing a memory of the evening was important. To do this we used the sense that triggers memory the strongest; smell. We designed a custom scent that filled the space which was also given to audience members as they left performance.


Designing The Sound


At the core of Manifest was the live music experience. With a team of award-winning audio engineers, sound designers, and experimental electronic artists, we developed a quadrophonic sound system that washed the room in a multi-layered, responsive soundscape.