Made Rich x PMC Capsule

In the summer of 2017, NYC based tattoo artist and TV personality, Richard “Made Rich” Parker, connected with the Malaysian based clothing company, Pestle and Mortar Clothing to create a two-look, 4 piece exclusive clothing capsule.


Capsule Design

Rich and the PMC design team curated a capsule that expressed the unique artistic style of the NYC based artist, combined with the traditional and historical artistic tendencies from Malaysian heritage. This 4-piece, two look capsule, was the canvas in which Rich and PMC expressed their creativity.


Capsule Drop

On July 1st, 2017, the Made Rich x PMC capsule was launched in the PMC Kuala Lumpur flagship store. An intimate setting, the guest list comprised of 100 micro-influencers and local press staffers.

Preceding the release, Rich arrived in Kuala Lumpur 3 days prior to conduct a local press run and to tattoo as a celebrity guest at Shipwreck Tattoos, a local tattoo parlor known for their pristine line work and first class American-traditional tattoos.


During the launch, Rich performed throughout the evening, serving as a live installation center piece. Guests were able to view and purchase pieces from the capsule as well as interact with Rich and his marketing team.

The capsule sold out 4 days after the initial launch.