Rap and Sapp

The ultimate fan meets the QB killa. Hall of Famer, Warren Sapp and critically acclaimed actor and comedian, Michael Rapaport are two of the most entertaining and unfiltered personalities in the world of sports and entertainment.



Two months after the launch of Warren Sapp’s “Route 99” podcast, Warren made a guest appearance on the “I Am Rapaport” show, created and hosted by Michael Rapaport.

After seeing the chemistry between the two, and producing such an electric cross-over episode, the two parties decided to brainstorm on ways to keep the momentum moving forward. This resulted in the creation of the “Rap and Sapp” show.


Though great story tellers, we wanted to create more than just a talk show. In our efforts to help market the new show, We Are 3 created the branding and animations for Rap and Sapp, allowing us to bring the stories and conversations between Rap and Sapp to life. 

The primary focus on the branding for Rap and Sapp was to showcase their bold perspectives on sports and culture while following just a few simple rules:

1.     No Cencorship

2.     No Question Can’t Be Asked

3.     The Loudest Mother Fucker Wins

To bridge the gap and merge the fan base from Michael’s and Warren’s following it was crucial that all digital content created for the “Rap and Sapp” illustrated the cultural impact this show would have. We did this by using bold graphics and line work in our designs, emphasizing their bold personalities, captivating stories, and unique perspectives.


Rap and Sapp 1.png

Rapp and Sapp

The first official “Rap and Sapp” episode was launched on August 25th, 2018, in front of a live audience at The Wilbur Theatre.